Cubed Living Leadership Experience

Already paid your deposit for a dorm at UTC? You can get your deposit amount discounted from our c3l “program cost” for the semester upon acceptance into our Cubed Living program!

Program cost for the leadership training experience includes all amenities, utilities, and rooming - PLUS our sites have state of the art security, free laundry, complimentary bike racks and are fully furnished!

Program Cost: Chattanooga, TN - $3,250 per Semester OR $6,500 per-program-year (9 months)

Resident Assistant (RA) positions will be available for four of our residents per-program-year. This position includes a discount on your overall program cost. If you are interested in filling an RA position for the upcoming Fall 19’ email us at

**Cubed Living accepts financial aid, scholarships, grants, and student loans. If you wish to set up a monthly payment plan, please contact us by email at

Cubed living’s program cost includes the following housing amenities:

Cubed Living’s housing are two fully-refurbished Victorian houses off of 8th St. and Magnolia St. We are a short walking distance from downtown Chattanooga and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) campus. The site location consists of two houses - blue and white. Depending on the number of residents, we aim to divide the house as blue for women and white for men.

(see images of the housing below)

  • All Utilities Included (Kitchen and Toiletries)

  • Fully Furnished

  • High Speed WIFI / EPB Internet

  • Central Heating & Air

  • Water/Trash/Plumbing

  • Resident Lounge With 4k TVs

  • Top-Of-The-Line Security System

  • Complimentary Laundry Facilities

  • On-site Maintenance

  • Coffee Area

  • Flexible Study/Work Spaces

  • Fingerprint Front Door Locks

  • Personal Mail Delivery/Private Mailbox

  • Community Kitchens

    • Including Pantry, Fridge, and Dishwasher

  • Shared Bathroom/Shower Areas

  • Large Common Areas

    • Equipped With Couches, Coffee Tables/High-Top Café Tables, Flex-Seating, and TVs

  • Presentation Areas

  • Rooftop Green Space

  • One Block Off UTC campus

  • Bike Racks for Bicyclists

Unit / Bedroom Amenities:

Each bedroom is unique in it’s own way - with a hint of individualized personality. The rooms are both modern and rustic due to the preservation of it’s history. Two students will be assigned to one room with the following amenities per-room:

  • Bedroom Units Include:

    • Lofted Bed

    • Computer Desk With Chair

Accountability (2x2)

"…He began to send them out two-by-two and gave them authority…"

(Mark 6:7 NIV)

(Here’s a small glimpse of what our Cubed Living housing will look like)


**Cubed Living program costs may vary based on location but are comparable to local university dorm fees. (Check with the Office in your city of interest to be sure of pricing).
**Residents are responsible for their own meals/grocery shopping. 
**Program cost does not include the $50 acceptance fee. **There is a $225 Pre-payment (if accepted) to hold your spot. The pre-payment is part of the program cost for the semester and will be deducted from the total balance through each monthly payment (not all at once).