cubed living leadership experience

Cubed Living is a inter-denominational Christ-centered residential leadership experience. Our goal is to empower, equip, and propel our residents forward into their careers through real world experiences, knowledge and expertise, and the development of necessary tools to be effective Christian leaders during their young professional lives and throughout their adulthood. We at Cubed Living understand that this will look different for each resident in our program.

What will the program look like?

Cubed Living revolves around three levels: Christ, Community, Calling. We incorporate all three levels into our hands-on-experience curriculum. All residents must be involved in a Christian-community, such as C3L small groups or off site small groups, church, campus ministry, etc. (different for each resident). Christian guest speakers from the local community will be invited to speak on topics such as leadership development, time management, cultural awareness, what success looks like, budgeting, personal and external conflict management, etc. In addition, residents in their third (C3) and fourth (C4) year in the program will have the opportunity to be partnered up with a mentor or internship specifically in their desired career field. All residents will be inducted into their “tribes-for-life.” The purpose of our tribes is to help our residents sharpen their leadership skills and learn to live out their faith. This is done by allowing residents to take on leadership roles and then “living out their faith” by helping the community through service projects. Throughout the year, residents will be given the option of participating in C3L events through team building experiences - ranging from paintball, escape room, hiking and camping, recreational sports, etc. Through our program, residents will learn their spiritual gifts, where their strengths and weaknesses lie, how this applies to their life, and how to use these tools in whatever area God has called them to.


C3L Curriculum

Cubed Living’s leadership training focuses on three distinct levels of solid leadership which make up the C3L - Christ, Community, and Calling.

CHRIST. We believe that Jesus Christ offers the utmost example of leadership, as a result, everything we do at Cubed Living is Christ-centered.  All the trainings we conduct will consider His life, purpose, and ministry and how it applies to each resident on an individual level.

COMMUNITY. As followers of Christ, we focus our God-given callings toward the needs of our local and global communities. Residents at Cubed Living will have countless opportunities over their time in the program to practice living out the skills they learn through both group and individually oriented service projects and leadership experiences.

CALLING. At Cubed Living, we believe every resident has a specific calling from God to be a leader in whatever area of life God takes them. Our goal is to guide residents as they endeavor to develop their careers and grow into their roles as Godly young professionals. We recognize this will look differently for every resident who enrolls into our leadership program, which is why Cubed Living’s staff are trained to help residents seek out God’s will for their unique lives.

C3L Housing

Cubed Living’s program site is divided into two houses. Each house will have one Residential Coordinator (RC) and two Residential Assistants (RA) per-house to oversee the community and bring accountability and support to staff and residential Cubers. Security is top-of-the-line with video camera’s located at all entrances and exits of the houses. Front door locks are fingerprint access individualized for each resident. Study areas will be located throughout the house for students convenience. Shared showers/bathrooms will be located on each residential hall. Kitchen, common areas, and study lofts are fully furnished and fully stocked with amenities. Each unit/bedroom is unique with a twist of modern and rustic - due to preservation of the historic house. There will be two-residents per unit/bedroom. We believe it necessary for our residents to have accountability during their stay in our program. Jesus sent two disciples out at a time (Mark 6:7) and we at Cubed Living want to reflect His teachings - this is why we apply the "two-by-two" approach in all bedrooms.


C3L Tribes

All residents will be inducted into their leadership teams or “tribes” - which are resident led. There are four tribes and each tribe encompasses one of the following four pillars:

Wisdom || Courage || Honor || Humility

The purpose of our “tribes-for-life” is to help our residents live out their faith. This is done through (1) major community service projects per-semester, tribal challenges, and hands-on-experiences to help our residents learn and grow into the leaders they are destined to be.

How does Cubed Living train young professionals to be strong Christian leaders?

  • Structuring our program curriculum around our 3C’s: Christ, Community, Calling.

  • Plugging all resident’s into Christian-community small groups (C3L small groups or off site small groups).

  • Inviting local Christian guest speakers to speak wisdom into the lives of our residents about leadership.

  • Providing internship/mentorship opportunities.

  • Inducting residents into their “tribes-for-life.”

  • Staff will offer counsel, coaching, and encouragement on an individual basis as needed or requested by a resident.

  • Providing stress-free refuge from all temptation and pressures that residents often feel when overwhelmed by a secular school or work environment.

  • Allowing residents leadership opportunities throughout the program.

  • Requiring participation in community service projects.

  • Training students to “live out their faith.”

  • Providing fun-eventful experiences throughout the year to build on leadership skills through team building exercises and;

  • Staff will endeavor to help residents make connections with other Christian professionals, mentors, and possible internships which will develop them on academic and professional levels.