No matter where you are going in life God wants to use you and the talents He has equipped you with to draw people to Him. During your college or vocational training many things will pull at your attention, but when you come home to Cubed Living those distractions fade. Cubed Living is an opportunity to live in a house full of people with the same life goals: To glorify Christ in your calling, training, education, and relationships. Click below to find out what a typical week looks like in the life of a C3L Resident!

Our aim is total immersion in Christian leadership culture - a residential program designed to work within a college or vocational program schedule. Our goal is to empower, launch, and propel residents forward into their careers through real world experiences, knowledge and expertise, and the necessary tools to be effective Christian leaders during their college and young professional lives.

YFA CEO: Justin Cox explains the ins and outs of our new Cubed Living Program!

Our facilities are fully furnished with appliances, furniture, and amenities to best suit whatever needs you may have.

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