cubed living

Cubed Living is a inter-denominational Christ-centered residential leadership experience for college aged young adults. We are here to help young adults find a safe place to grow both academically and spiritually in a loving and safe environment. Our purpose is to embolden young professionals (18-22 years old) by advising, mentoring, and challenging them to sharpen their leadership skills and spiritual growth through Christ Jesus. 

Nontraditional student? Not a freshman? Currently not in college? Cosmetology?

Pursuing a trade? Working full-time? Grad school? Community College?

Apprenticeship? Full-time or part-time? Own your own business?

Whichever the case - we accept residents (ages 18-22) in whatever area of life they currently reside. Cubed Living is designed to propel our residents into the profession God has called them into by building them up in Christ and preparing them for their future. Everyone has a different calling on their life – business owner, law enforcement, cosmetology, veterinarian, nurse, non-profit, mechanic, doctor, retail, manager, engineer, graphic design, welder, finance, music, lawyer, pastor, police, military, etc.  – but we all are called to be leaders!

* * *

No matter where you are going in life, God wants to use you and the talents He has equipped you with to draw people to Him. During your post high school years, many things will pull at your attention. Cubed Living aims to provide a home-away-from-home environment where all distractions fade and allows our residents to narrow their focus toward their own personal growth. This is an opportunity to live in a house full of like-minded people, from different areas of life, seeking the same life goals - to glorify Christ in all that we do.

* * *

Our aim is total immersion in Christian leadership culture - a residential program designed to work within and around a college or vocational program schedule. Our goal is to empower, equip, and propel our residents forward into their careers through real world experiences, knowledge and expertise, and the development of necessary tools to be effective Christian leaders during their young professional lives and throughout their adulthood.

YFA CEO: Justin Cox explains the ins and outs of our Cubed Living Program!

Our facilities are fully furnished with new appliances, furniture, and amenities to best suit whatever needs you may have.

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