general info

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Cubed Living.  Our desire is to cultivate a Christ-centered environment for our resident "Cubers."  
A place of refuge from the stress, temptation, and pressures that residents often feel when inundated by a secular school or work environment.  General boundaries will make for a comfortable, God-glorifying atmosphere for residents hailing from a variety of Christian denominational backgrounds and will include guidelines such as:  

  • Drug, alcohol, and smoke free environment.

  • Seperate Male/Female living quarters.

  • Resident Assistants (RAs) on each hall.

In addition, each campus will have a Residential Coordinator (RC) to oversee the community and bring accountability and support to staff and resident Cubers. 

Security is top-of-the-line.  Video systems will be located at all entrances and exits of the houses. 

* * *

All residents will be a part of dynamic leadership teams  or "Tribes" which are resident led. Tribes will meet at a time determined by resident availability. Tribal Conclaves will help residents learn how to live out their faith on campus, at work, in their families, communities, relationships, marriages, churches etc. through tribal challenges and group discussion.

* * *

All residents in Cubed Living will have the opportunity to take advantage of  our "Living it Out" training. This is YFA's foundational leadership training course based on 1 Timothy 4:12 --

"Don't let anyone look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, faith, love, and purity, show yourself as an example of those who believe." 

How does Cubed Living train young professionals to be strong Christian leaders?

Cubed leadership training focuses on three distinct levels of solid leadership - Christ, Community, and Calling.


We believe that Jesus Christ offers the utmost example of leadership and as a result of this everything we do at Cubed Living is Christ-centered. All of the trainings we conduct will take into account his life, purpose, and ministry.


Because we filter our God-given callings though the needs of our local and global communities, the second level of our training program is oriented around three important concepts:

  1. Learning: the population you intend to serve. Discovering their needs.

  2. Knowing: the unique talents and abilities of both your team and yourself and where your strengths and weaknesses may be.

  3. Leveraging: How to properly resource, network, team-build and apply the team and its abilities effectively toward the goals set before you.

Residents at Cubed Living will have countless opportunities over their time in the program to practice living out the skills they learn through both group and individually oriented service projects and leadership challenges. 


At Cubed Living, we believe every resident has a specific calling from God to be a leader in their schools, churches, businesses, and communities.  Our goal is to gently guide residents as they endeavor to develop their careers and grow into their roles as godly young professionals.

We recognize this will look differently for every resident who enrolls in the leadership program which is why Cubed Living’s RAs and RCs are trained to help students seek out God’s will for their unique lives. 

  • Cubed Living staff will provide opportunities for growth in business/office leadership, cultural awareness, and conflict management based on Christian principles.

  • Staff will also offer counsel, coaching, and encouragement on an individual basis as needed or as requested by a resident.

  • Staff will endeavor to help residents make connections with other Christian professionals, mentors, and possible internships which will develop them on academic and professional levels.