Youth For America is about equipping students to share the hope of Christ on their school campuses by encouraging them to be a helping hand to humanity and empowering them to become leaders in their schools, communities, and the nation.

Our History:


Youth for America was birthed out of the wake of tragedy. The day after the Columbine school shooting, April 20, 1999, a high school freshman was sitting in his morning class in Tennessee with a burden on his heart for the hearts of fellow students. Amid the chaos and fear that surrounded him, he was filled with clarity and focus as God birthed the vision of Youth for America while sitting in a public school classroom. From there, Youth for America began its work under the umbrella of a local church. The pastor believed in the passion and vision of Youth for America, and gave this young ministry his full support. As Youth for America has grown, it has developed a clear and distinct mission and now stands alone as an independent ministry that equips, empowers, and encourages students to effectively serve their communities, bringing a message of hope to the hurting. In 2010, iDevo was founded as a daily reminder to consume a Living Hope. If that is too artistic... it is a reminder to read your Bible. iDevo is currently available on Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and our YFA app. Over 2.5 million devotionals are sent out each year that are shared in schools across the county. Currently Youth For America has influenced students in all 50 states and over 60 countries around the world, equipping, encouraging, and empowering them through Christian Leadership TrainingNight of Hope Events, School Assemblies, iDevo$1000 Thought, and more!

Our vision:


To see young Christians become leaders, not just in their churches, but in their schools, communities, nations, and around the world. We believe that we must pour into this generation so that they can truly BE everything God has called them to be and become leaders in all areas of life including politics, education, the arts, science, business, and ministry.

our purpose:


To provide the best Christian Leadership Training to young Christians so that they can impact their world and develop their God-given gifts. We strive to help all students reach their leadership potential. We do this through the following:

  • We provide "Night of Hope" events to faith-based clubs as students reach their mission field. During these events, we partner with the local Church to effectively establish students' connection to their communities.
  • We provide leadership tools for youth groups and clubs.
  • We offer multiple types of interactive leadership workshops.
  • We send out unique devotionals (iDevo), written personally by our staff members each day. 

Student Resources:

Resourcing Students is at the heart of our mission. We understand that having the right tools for the job is essential in accomplishing the desired results. If you are looking for something you can’t find, send an email to and we will help you find it! 


what we believe:

Youth For America is a Christian ministry; we do not affiliate with any denomination. Rather, we believe in the supreme authority of God's holy Scriptures, and we seek to adhere to whatever truths God might illuminate for us through the bible. For a full synopsis of our beliefs, go to

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