•  Serve The City

    Do you have a heart for serving the community? Are you interested in raising up Christian leaders? Do you know people who need the hope of Christ? Serve the City is a leadership program that addresses all three of these questions. This leadership initiative is split into three branches: Service Projects, Thousand Dollar Thought, and MyHopeTour.

  • Thousand Dollar Thought

Two times a year, Youth For America asks students all across the country this simple question: "If you were given $1000 to help reach your community or city, what would you do with it?"

Thousand Dollar Thought (part of Serve the City) is all about taking your great ideas and providing you with the resources to effectively carry them out. This is more than just a contest - it becomes a life-changing force for the targeted community. 

  • iDevo

iDevo is an app that provides a daily reminder to consume the Living Hope.  If that's too artistic, it's a reminder to read your Bible.  iDevo is a part of Youth For America, a ministry that seeks to equip Christians with effective leadership skills, encourage them in their walk with Christ, and empower them to be dynamic leaders in their schools, communities, and nation.

  • My Hope Tour

My Hope Tour is an outreach event brought to your community by YFA in which an entire community partners together to do an evangelistic outreach event on a school campus after school hours. My Hope Tour uses dynamic speakers, drama, music, and fun to share the hope of Christ with your classmates. This is a dynamic event planned by the My Hope Tour Ministry Team, and it has profound effects on the school and community.

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