What you need to know once you are accepted into the Cubed Living Leadership Experience.

Residents who enter Cubed Living will always enter as a C1 regardless of classification in their academic/career setting.  However, an exceptional resident **may be given the option of working through additional levels of the program in order to finish the C3L experience in (shorter) time for graduation/relocation purposes.

The level system for progression through Cubed Living is as follows:

C1 - Year 1    (Freshmen)

C2 - Year 2    (Sophomores )

C3 - Year 3     (Juniors)

C4 - Year 4    (Seniors)

Residents will move-in according to the schedule received after acceptance into the C3L experience, and will attend a weekend “Initiation Retreat” at which time they will be inducted into their Tribe-For-Life and become a Tribe Member of one of the four following Tribes:

Relationships that will sustain you for the rest of the year will be forged during your initiation retreat...

Residents will gather together in their Tribal Conclaves and develop norms, covenants, and commitment expectations for one another. As the year progresses tribes will be faced with large and small group challenges.  Each member is given opportunities to lead their tribe toward victory as they develop and fine tune their leadership skills for real-world collaborative application. Rituals will be developed among each tribe over the course of the year which will be protected and maintained for the life of each tribe. The habits formed and practiced within each tribe will vary but all tribes will strive overall to reflect the character of Jesus as they live out the four core values of Cubed Living: Community, Honor, Altruism, and Courage.

Personal & Tribal challenges will be issued...

The challenges are designed to fit within all resident's schedules whether they be in college, vocational school, or already in the workforce full or part-time. Challenges will have completion deadlines. Deadlines will range from a few days to a few weeks or longer for completion. Challenges are designed to aid in the residents' development of social awareness, time and resource management, and planning and execution of goals.

At the end of each challenge a reflection is required in the form that best suits the creator's unique abilities. Which may be: written outline/essay, video, song, skit, drawing, cartoon, poem, etc. 

These reflections will receive points within our tribal system which will be added to the annual total for each tribe.  Points will be assigned as follows: 

3 points = The resident(s) understood and executed the challenge with such grace and follow through, going above and beyond the challenge specifications, demonstrating an excellent command over social awareness, time/resource management, and planning and execution of goals.

2 points = Target Score: The resident(s) demonstrated a solid understanding of challenge specifications and managed their time/resources well. 

1 point = The resident(s) showed few elements of the challenge goals but may have executed with poor management of time/resources, or may have misunderstood guidelines given for challenge completion. (Will be asked to re-do challenge and/or reflection to show greater understanding of applied concepts.)

0 points = The resident(s) failed to turn in a reflection. (Will need to turn-in. Failure to complete reflections may affect program completion, induction into the Alumnus Tribe or "Conferment of Excellence.")

Your tribe will inspire future generations to build upon your hard-earned legacy...

Tribal totals will be tallied each week and displayed in the Commons' downstairs. Awards and rewards are available based on Tribal points throughout the year. The Tribe with the most points tallied at the end of the year will be awarded the "Tribal Cup" and will have their name memorialized for future generations to build upon. 

**This option will be determined at the discretion of the RD and RC and will be based upon the resident’s previous leadership activities within the program.  (e.g. Daily interaction with others: written/spoken, challenge and project observations, self-reflections, and Residential Coordinator observations.)


Note: Residents that transfer from one C3L site to another are not guaranteed admittance to the new site. Conditions will apply: such as space and current standing within the original location’s program. New applicants at a SITE will be considered, however, previous residents (from any SITE) who are in good standing will be given first consideration above new applicants.